The truth of who we are is already free, courageous, loving, aware, and present. 

The trouble is, we don’t always know it. Or even if we do, we might find ourselves locked in behavior patterns, relationships, thought patterns, and emotional and physical contractions that are not in alignment with our deepest knowing. This “conditioning” can make us feel out of sync with our true self. Or it may obscure our view altogether.

When we are out of alignment with who we truly are, we experience stuckness, turbulance, and disconnection. Maybe even a deep seated feeling that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. When we are in alignment with our true self, we experience ease, connection, vibrancy, and a fundamental sense of “okay-ness.” We experience the ultimate freedom – the freedom to be fully present in our lives.

I am here to help you (re)discover your true self. And to live from the aliveness, compassion, and clarity that you fundamentally are.

This is the ultimate journey and requires an extraordinary amount of courage. Looking at our conditioning isn’t easy! I trust that if you have found this page, that courage is already present in you  – even if you don’t know it yet. After all, looking for help is a courageous act. I will support you in nurturing that courage and using it to move towards your clearest self.

It is my experience that depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and other difficulties can be the fuel we need to move toward the clearest expression of who we are. When we become curious about our experience, compassionate towards our pain, and accepting of our present moment, we facilitate our own healing process. Unfortunately, many of us learned it is not ok to be accepting, compassionate, and curious about ourselves, and as a result have forgotten how to do it. In session, I reflect this curiosity, compassion, and acceptance back to you, and support you in rekindling these qualities.

The courage to be free is innate within you.

I invite you to embrace that courage and move towards your greatest freedom.