Nondual Therapy

It feels a bit silly to talk about “nondual therapy” as a unique thing. In a certain sense all therapy (and for that matter, every single moment of life) is nondual. When we live as Presence – the deep love, connection, and openness that is our true nature – that becomes clear.

That being said, nondual therapy means therapy geared towards Presence and non-separation. Instead of operating in a “fix me” mode like much of traditional psychotherapy, we drop the “fix” and drop the “me.” We enter the immediacy of NOW, where our internalized identity structures are seen for the illusions that they are.

We discover ourselves as something much more vital, essential, and impersonal.

Therapy becomes a vehicle through which to clarify and deepen our experience of truth. When we have the heartfelt desire to know what is true and real on every level of our being, and the intention to let go of our rigid holding of our separate selves, transformation happens naturally. And we find we live more and more as Presence.

What Happens in Nondual Therapy?

Together we inquire into the thought and emotional patterns that prevent us from knowing ourselves as Presence more consistently. Difficulties become opportunities to meet our feelings fully. To gently look at where we are still grasping. To inquire into what we may be believing that is compounding our suffering.

We allow ourselves to come to rest in our innate wholeness.

This might look like guided meditations or inquiry into persistent thoughts and emotional patterns. It may also include trauma work as well as more traditional relational talk therapy. It could be slow and gentle or active and intense. I might intervene and challenge your beliefs, I might encourage you to slow down and rest as Presence. That’s the great thing about nondual therapy – it doesn’t exclude anything!

In Presence together, we allow therapy to move in the way it wants in the moment.

My role is to rest as Presence, to recognize that in you, and to help orient you to that which you essentially are. I can’t say that “I” am “doing” nondual therapy. The reality is, when it’s truly happening, our roles fall away. And we are left with the immediacy of meeting one another in our uniqueness and our sameness.

No matter what techniques may be appearing, the foundation of the work is in open, undivided awareness and trust in our innate wholeness and the unfolding process.

Therapy happens.

Change happens.

Transformation happens.

Neither you or I can truly claim it.

But you can live it.

Or rather, let it live you.

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