You do yoga and you can do the poses but you can’t feel the unconditional love the teacher talks about. (Sounds nice, though!)

You meditate and find peace on the cushion, but your relationships are… well… let’s just say they’re not so peaceful.

You’ve experienced altered states of consciousness, whether through your own efforts, psychedelic usage, or just sheer dumb luck. You’re finding your previous framework for understanding life has been shattered. And you’re wondering what this new perspective means for your life now.

Perhaps you’ve even had a significant spiritual awakening, only to find yourself continuing to act and react in ways that don’t match what you’ve realized.

•  •  •

For most of us, spiritually “waking up” isn’t a one-step process. For every Eckhart Tolle (depressed and then BAM, wakes up the next morning as Presence) there’s many thousands of others who long to get in touch with Presence. And thousands more who have touched it and long to live it in their lives.

We can find ourselves in a no-man’s-land when we’ve had (or long for) spiritual experience. Especially if we don’t know many others on a spiritual path. It’s unfortunately not uncommon for the people around us to be dismissive, derogatory, or even judgmental about our insights and experiences. To tell us that our shifting perspective is unrealistic, ungrounded, or even crazy.

It can be helpful to have a therapist grounded in spirituality to support you in your journey. To encourage you in your quest to deeply know Presence (or God, or Spirit, or Awareness, etc… whatever term you like). I can help point to your true nature if you’ve forgotten, to understand and integrate spiritual experiences, to navigate the inevitable pitfalls and “fool’s gold” along the way.

And to support you in learning to live every moment of your life as THAT.

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